A Journey Through the Pages of Graceling by Kristin Cashore

As promised on my Summer Update post, this is a special post concerning my May epic rec, Graceling by Kristin Cashore. A review for this book will be coming shortly, but in the mean time, I thought I would use pictures from the lovely Pinterest (you can check out my boards by clicking here) to show the journey that Katsa went on. Some are metaphorical, others are simple. Please note that I do not own these photographs, they are all from the respective authors on Pinterest. Thanks for letting me use them! Also, this post may contain minor spoilers to those of you who have not read Graceling yet. Please read at your own caution!

1. Katsa ventures into a dungeon.

1 - Dungeon

2. Katsa meets a mysterious Lienid man with what appears to be a fighting Grace.

2 - Castle

3. Oll, Giddon and Katsa rest at a small inn. I image the decor resembling something like these mason jar lamps.

3 - Hotel

4. They return to the palace of Randa and we get a glimpse of Katsa’s living quarters.

4 - Randa Bedroom

5. The Lienid prince, Po, comes to the castle and fights with Katsa. I can totally image the two of them in these tiger’s body’s.

5 - Katsa and Po

6. Raffin and Katsa have underground passageways between their bedrooms in order to keep secrets from Randa, including the fact that they have re-kidnapped the Lienid King.

6 - Secret Passageway

7. Katsa, Raffin and Giddon leave, once again, to go and toture a man who owes Randa money.

7 - Riding

8. The look of fear that is on the face of those who see Katsa, the Graced killer.

8 - Fear of Katsa

9. Po and Katsa leave after Katsa rebels against Randa. They set up camp and we learn that Katsa has a way with fires.

9 - Fire

10. Po and Katsa sit in an inn’s dining room and witness a young waitress being treated poorly by some men.

11 - Waitress

11. Po and Katsa talk to these men late at night, but know that they are lying (which is why you see a photo of a mask).

10 - A Symbol of the Men

12. Po and Katsa cannot resist their love for each other.

12 - Katsa and Po

13. Po and Katsa run into the Leck King for the first time…

13 - King Leck

14. Po and Katsa run from the King and hide deep in the forest. After they find themselves safe, they go on a search for the King’s daughter, Bitterblue.

14 - Forest

15. They find Bitterblue in the log of a tree, with tear stained eyes. She is frightened.

15 - Bitterblue

16. Katsa and Bitterblue continue on their journey without Po. They go the most dangerous route – Gretta’s pass – as to keep the King from their trail.

17 - Grella's Pass

Let me know if you like this sort of post, and what novel you would like to see come to life next. Thanks for reading!



PS: I had such a hard time spelling Kristin’s name right… I have a friend named Kirsten and I typed that instead nearly every time I mentioned the author’s name in this post. Shameless promotion here – check out Kirsten’s (not Kristin) blog!


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